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ICT Consultation

ICT Consultation

We provide consultation what covers introduction of  Technologies/partners , negotiation ,building business pan and etc as a total solution of business building based on "Mutual benefit of you and your partners" because our mission is to build long term business.


If you have any problem, Concern and issues to  be confirmed to get into Japanese market or other Asian markets ,Please feel free to contact us.

System Integration

System Integration
Trends in international market are "GDD" (Geographically Distributed Development) and Cloud Computing.
  They came from rapid progress of ICT and as the result, development and production became borderless.
   At the same time "Time to the market" is highly required and forming of international team is the key to catch up with market trend. 
 We powerfully support "Team Forming" and "Integration of Technologies".

Introduction of Overseas partners

Introduction of Overseas partners
We DO NOT aim BIG NAMES as our business philosophy.
  We introduce potential partners who are "Has Leading Edge Technologies", "Strong Channels" "Unique Technologies" but not too big.
We introduce partners who can grow together with through frank discussion and mutual trust.
  We do not provide a sense of balance of power nor temporary relation.
  We introduce you decision makers who can take a risk with you and share the success.

How to reach our office

Office Address

Lion's Plaza Shin-Yokohama, Shin-Yokohama 1-1-8, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa 222-0033, Japan


1.JR Shin-Yokohama Sta North Exit (13 minutes)
Go down to the left (5 minutes) cross the walking bridge (Cross Yokohama Line) ,Then turn to the left and turn right at the second intersection and walk 500m.
 You can see "Fit Care Depot= Drug Store".
 Silver light blue building right next to Fit Care Depot is the building where our office is in it.


2.JR Shin-Yokohama Shinohara Exit(11 minutes)
Go down Shinohara Exit and walk along with Yokohama Line(200m).
 Turn right at a convenience store "Family Mart" and turn left.
 Go along with "Shinkansen" 450m.

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